Yoga 11/12/2020

Healthy Stress Management and Wellness

On Thursday, November 12, 2020,  LWRWC members participated in a second fall general meeting via Zoom. The meeting topic, “Healthy Stress Management and Wellness,” and guest speaker Kery Helmer, a Physiologist and Yoga Therapist with a degree in Integrative Medicine, was a perfect and timely choice considering the extreme stress caused by the pandemic and other environmental factors beyond our control.

Kery, who is  referred to as the “Superhero Guru” by her students,  explained that we can use techniques from yoga to rewire our brains and nervous systems to control our reactions to stress although we cannot control the external factors that are causing us stress. This is especially important because six major causes of death are linked to chronic stress.

Unlike acute stress that triggers fight or flight syndrome, chronic stress takes a more severe toll. To demonstrate how simple stress management techniques can have a positive impact on our nervous systems, Kery engaged the audience in a gentle stress management breathing exercise that they could comfortably do while sitting in a chair. The highly effective exercise focused on breathwork, progressive relaxation, gentle movement, meditation, and imagery.

Kery’s platform, Super Vibes, is a modern-day approach to timeless practices and philosophies from Yoga & Ayurveda. Blending anatomy science with a holistic, mind body approach to health, Kery delivers her programs through international Yoga & Ayurveda Teachings, Hospital Based Rehab Programs, Stress Management Groups, Workshops, Teacher Trainings and Retreats.

Participate in classes

Due to the pandemic, Kery is currently holding virtual classes and invited LWRWC members to consider accessing her You-tube videos and/or joining her Zoom Sessions that are available free of charge. If you are interested in receiving class links, recording, and event updates from Kery Helmer,  email her at and she will add you to her list. Although Kery is not holding live Zoom sessions in November, she suggests going to the YouTube Page and using one of the recordings that are there for you.  A couple of great options for the Thanksgiving Holiday Spirit would be the sessions on “Anahata Mudra – Heart Qualities” and “Anjali Mudra – Reverence.”


Starting in December, Kery will have one live Zoom session each week on Wednesdays at 10AM.  The following link can be used for all sessions:
Zoom Invite: Super Vibes – Weekly Session
Wednesdays – 10AM
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Meeting ID: 872 5233 3968