Wild Night 10/10/2019

A Wild Night at LWRWC

Doc Wasabi, Big Cat Habitat’s (BCH) Animal Entertainment Specialist and Reptile Expert, was the speaker at the Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club’s October General Meeting at LWR Townhall on Thursday, October 10, 2019.

Presently, Doc is an animal caregiver and presenter of educational shows at BCH where, with the help of Flo, his charming 6ft. female alligator ambassador buddy, and other creatures, he teaches visitors about our local wildlife.

Doc introduced the ladies to a handsome giant tortoise, but the highlight of the evening was interacting with young Flo, who was surprising pretty in her pink. Flo was a big hit and the ladies vied for the opportunity to hold and pet their charming alligator visitor. Flo was a superb animal ambassador and Doc Wasabi convinced us that people and alligators can peacefully co-exist if we and exercise common sense and a healthy respect for the laws of nature.

Doc’s entertaining style, humor and uncanny rapport with a variety of creatures, delights BCH visitors who witness him in action. Before joining BCH, Doc worked at other animal venues in South Florida and served as a tour guide for the Everglades Day Safari.

Doc is also a standup comedian (he attended Clown College in Sarasota and was a clown at the Ringling Bros. Circus) and performed his own material on cruise lines, nightclubs and many television shows. Armed with expertise, humor and charismatic charm, Doc and the adorable Flo dispelled fears and educated a very receptive audience about alligators and other creatures that can suddenly appear outside our doors in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Doc also debunked animal myths, gave common sense tips about interacting with wildlife, and shared fascinating information about the creatures in the paradise we call home. For example, Florida is the only place on earth where you can find both alligators and crocodiles!


In recognition for the wonderful work of Doc Wasabi and Big Cat Habitat, LWRWC was delighted to present a donation and certificate of appreciation. Big Cat Habitat, a 501 (C) (3) animal sanctuary in eastern Sarasota County, is a permanent home for dozens of exotic animals and works to educate the public about animal care and conservation. For more information about BCH visit https://bigcathabitat.org Habitat