The Ritz 12/17/2019

Who’s Putin’ on the Ritz?

On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, a group of 30 ladies from Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club (LWRWC) celebrated the season in style with a “Puttin’ on the Ritz” luncheon at Jack Dusty in the Sarasota Ritz Carlton Hotel.

The ladies were impressed by the gorgeous gingerbread phantasmagorical depiction of Atlantis in the entrance area. They also admired the dazzling beauty of the sweeping water views on the large Jack Dusty restaurant patio, with a whimsical nautical theme, where they dined on tasty cuisine with an imaginative flair. Fun, Friendship and a Happy Holidays toast made this a classy way to celebrate the season.

The event was planned by LWRWC Program Chairs, Cathy Reinitz and Claudia Dombrow, one of many “off the ranch” outings held in 2019.