Solve Gala 2/22/2020

In a show of support for their adopted charity, the Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club (LWRWC) hosted a table at the Solve Fundraising Gala “ Stronger.” Over 500 attendees filled the ballroom on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020, at the Hyatt Regency in Sarasota where Solve Maternity Homes celebrated 44 years of helping pregnant women in need.

Standing L-R: Helene Levin and Cheryl Breining, LWRWC Co-Presidents, Kathleen Cleveland, LWRWC Treasurer, Monika Templeman, LWRWC Publicity Chair, and LWRWC Members, Allyson Sokol, Irene Shatz, Karen Clayton and Cyndy Scott. Seated L-R: Jasmine, a young mother at Solve and Peggy Kerwin, Executive Director, Solve Maternity Homes. Pictured in front is Jasmine’s infant son.

The theme of the Gala was “Stronger” because Solve builds Stronger Women, Stronger Children, Stronger Families and ultimately Stronger Communities through their investment of safe and supportive housing and wraparound services that help pregnant and parenting women overcome the barriers that keep them from productive living.

After a video featuring the new mother’s at Solve, keynote speaker and former model, Leah Darrow, shared her story about reaching a point in her life where she feared the “loss of her soul” and how her loving father drove thousands of miles to come to her rescue. Calling a parent for help is not an option for the women at Solve Maternity Homes.

The women and girls that Solve serves were subjected to emotional, physical and sexual abuse, sex trafficking, unhealthy relationships, lack of education and poverty. Solve became the family that rode to their rescue.

With the support of the community, Solve helps end the cycle of emotional, physical and spiritual poverty by providing counseling, educational and employment opportunities and life skills training as the women prepare for motherhood.

Solve is helping to end cycles of abuse and unhealthy beliefs, two lives at a time. Solve recently added the Evolve program for new mothers pursuing a higher education. The Evolve program is taking the mission of Solve to a new level and LWRWC Women’s Club and Regions Bank are partnering with Solve to proactively teach financial literacy to mothers in the Evolve program. According to Solve Executive Director, Peggy Kerwin, ”Change her story and you change the future for all her children. When you provide support for a woman at Solve, it changes not only her life, but the life of her child, her family and her entire community. Investment in her creates a positive ripple effect of life improvement for generations to come.”