Shuffleboard 8/22/2018

Let the Games [SHUFFLE-BOARD] Begin

LWRWC All-Star Shufflers

On Wednesday, August 22, 2018, a group of ladies from Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club (LWRWC), along with their husbands and friends, enjoyed a memorable off-the-ranch Shuffle Board Adventure and Picnic Dinner at the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club contained within the Mirror Lake Rec Complex in historic St. Petersburg. The vintage venue has the biggest, and oldest shuffleboard courts in the world and lets players step back in time to get an accurate glimpse of Old Florida.

Strings of white lights dangle over one set of St. Pete shuffleboard courts and old-fashioned lamp posts illuminate another.

Green benches anchor each end and chalkboards on posts stand ready for score keeping.

A grandstand overlooks a third court, a throwback to the days when the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club, opened in 1924 and, boasted thousands of members.


Ray (a member of the Shuffleboard Club) gave our group pointers and Claudia Dombrow provided attendees with a copy of the rules. There were also pointers on how to play posted in the clubhouse solarium, but basically, it’s simple to play.

All our players all lined up, playing in 2-person teams. The two players alternately tried to shuffle or slide four pucks (called biscuits) down to the other end of the board without going off the board so make their biscuits land in parts of a triangle with point values.

A player can push the biscuits down and can knock their opponents’ biscuits out or try to land in the 10-pt. tip.

Scores are tallied at the end of each half-round. Players get the designated number of points for any biscuits fully within any sections of the scoring triangle.

Biscuits that rest on a line do not count. 10 points are deducted for any biscuit that sits completely within the 10 Off area.

The game continues until one player, or team, reaches 75 points. Once that happens, play continues until the end of the half-round.

If the other player/team also reaches or exceeds 75 points, the one with the highest score at the end of the half-round wins.

LWRWC Program Chairs, Claudia Dombrow and Cathy Reinitz,  coordinated the event, one of several outings in the “OFF the RANCH” series.