Scholarship Awards 2020

5th Annual Community Service Scholarship Awards

The LWRWC Board and Scholarship Committee are excited to introduce the 2020 LWRWC Community Service Scholarship Awards Recipients.

Normally these scholarships would be awarded at the April General Meeting, but the Covid-19 pandemic made that impossible. So with the announcement of Manoela Dos Santos as the 2020 LWRWC $1000 Community Service Scholarship Winner, and Tayla Rosenthal and Morgan Kirchman as the $250 Award Recipients, they are featured in a “Spotlight Article” on this site. The interviews will provide you with an up close and personal look at these three remarkable Lakewood Ranch High School seniors.

The LWRWC Scholarship Committee was extremely impressed with the award recipients’ dedication to community service, exemplary character, and outstanding achievements. Their accomplishments and extraordinary dedication to community service are best illustrated in their own words. The goal is to give you a virtual version of the Awards Presentation by letting you know why the recipients were selected and to learn more about each of these altruistic young women who represent the hope for our future!