Polo Picnic 1/12/2020

Polo &  Picnic Potluck

On Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020, LWRWC members, husbands and friends gathered in a covered cabana on the south side of the Sarasota Polo Club to share a Picnic/Potluck. The feast catered by members and guests before watching an exciting Polo Match.

Sharon Wright, LWRWC Program Co-Chair, was the event organizer and hostess. Attendees enjoyed a wide array of delectable dishes and desserts. The theme was the 1980’s which created a “vintage” ambience in terms of fashion styles, music and entertainment.

The event began with the Player Parade onto the field led by a horse drawn coach carrying our national flag and a moving rendition of the national anthem. Once the match started, members watched with rapt attention as the horses and riders sped in every direction trying to make that elusive goal.  Once known as “The Sport of Kings,” polo has evolved into the sport of Kings and Queens and the matches played at the Sarasota Polo Club are now co-ed. In fact, the group had the fun of cheering for an excellent woman Polo Player who was a crowd favorite!

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At half-time children got to ride in a big red farm wagon pulled by two Clydesdales while adults stomped the divots. Everyone enjoyed an “air guitar” contest as part of the half-time entertainment. A Southeastern Guide Dog in training celebrated his one-year birthday with lots of affection from a crowd filled with animal lovers. Sunny weather, fun, friendship and a strong sense of community started the 2020 year!