Scholarship Award

Scholarship Awarded

Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club
Community Service Scholarship Awards Ceremony
March 13, 2018 at the Even Hotel in LWR Corporate Park

LWRWC members gathered to honor three incredibly impressive young ladies as the three Finalists of Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club’s 3rd Annual Community Service Scholarship, along with the Finalists’ families.

LWRWC Scholarship Committee Co-Chair, Denise Riebe, opened the Scholarship Award Presentation with a thank you to the Sponsor, the EVEN hotel, “for graciously providing such lovely space for our Scholarship Ceremony as a courtesy to our LWRWC and the Scholarship Committee.” Denise also praised the recently opened hotel in LWR for “their innovation and unique amenities.”

Denise thanked all the members of the Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club who supported our scholarship program and welcomed the scholarship recipients and their families. She then introduced her co presenters.
Co-Chair Denise Riebe, along with Co-Chair Pam Szabo and President Eileen Buzzard, presented 2018 Prestigious 2018 LWRWC Community Service Award Awards to the three outstanding LWR High School seniors for their extraordinary service and leadership, in addition to academic excellence. The 2018 recipients are:

Miss Chelsea Petruzzi – $250 Finalist
Miss Paige Venuto- $250 Finalist
Miss Taylor Trevithick – $1000 Scholarship Recipient

In closing, Co-Chair Denise Riebe, directed her remarks to the three amazing award recipients. Denise said, “Chelsea, Paige, and Taylor – all three of you have special gifts and as you have used those gifts during high school, your good will radiated throughout our community. I am confident I speak for everyone when I say that all three of you have inspired us by the community service you have provided. Personally, you have inspired me to do more and to be more. For that I, and all of us, thank you.”