Antiques 2/8/2018

  Antiques Road Show LWRWC Style

The LWRWC General Meeting on Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018, featured a unique version of ‘The Antiques Road Show” – the distinguished speaker and “Road Show” host was antiquities expert, Albert Ford II.

During his presentation, Albert demonstrated his stellar knowledge and his passion for history and social justice. As a lover of antiques and the historical significance they represent, Albert lamented the modern desire for disposable things that manifests itself in a preference for IKEA over quality items that can be passed down to future generations. He advocated the need to preserve historical treasures but was equally passionate about the need to eliminate the prejudice, hate and injustice that has plagued most societies. See Albert Ford Bio >>

Albert shared some of his own antiques and explained their historical background. The treasures included an Olympic ceremonial medal given to Jesse Owens, a black American track and field athlete and four-time Olympic gold medalist at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany.

Another fascinating antique that Albert shared was a porcelain coffee cup that belonged to Joseph Stalin. He told the members about his beautiful silver tea service that President Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) and his wife Eleanor gave to Albert’s grandfather as a wedding gift.

Another interesting item that Albert brought was a framed photo of the late Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, an American socialite whose intended marriage to the British king Edward VIII caused a constitutional crisis that led to Edward’s abdication.

Albert spent the remainder of his presentation, examining the host of fascinating antiques brought in by LWRWC members. These items included valuable Russian and Romanian religious paintings on wood, a wonderful old “coffee pot,” that turned out to be a tea pot because it contained a strainer at the spout.

Members displayed an antique shaving mug, a German camera and binoculars purchased around World War II, a porcelain box that looked like jade, a beautiful Italian box that was hand painted in France, an exquisite porcelain tomato dish, a Shirley Temple depression glass pitcher, a German wooden carved music box with a Hummel like boy and toys on top; a silver plated antique pitcher, a well preserved porcelain antique lamp, a silver butter dish, and so much more!

Whether or not the various items had great monetary value, each one was a treasure because each item is a valued and priceless piece of the past.

Business Meeting

Following, the antiques presentation, the February Business Meeting, was called to order by the 2018 President, Eileen Buzzard. Past President, Monika Templeman presented Barb Thornton with a gift for her exemplary service as Membership Chair on her 2017 Board.

The new Membership Chair, Ann Sledz, reported that we have 318 members and introduced our new members. The Treasurer, Cheryl Breining, reported on the balance in the WC account, Philanthropy Chair, Laurie Coleman, reported that there are six scholarship applicants and that the committee finalized the critical needs goals for HOPE, SMART and SOLVE. Laurie also invited all members to participate in upcoming visits to our adopted charities.

Patti Wrobel and Monika Templeman gave an update on the upcoming fundraiser, “Set Sail for Fashion”, including sharing information about their Suncoast FYI interview on SNN TV that will air on Friday, Feb. 16th.