Keeping Busy?

Here’s an idea.

How about a LWRWC “blog” ???

Please send us information on how you are keeping busy, so we can stay in touch. You can send pictures as well.

(Helene Levin, (Cheryl Breining,

Our blog can contain any of the following

· What are you doing to keep yourself healthy? Ways to exercise without going to the health club
· Have you read a good book, would you recommend it to our members, what is it about?
· Share your favorite recipe
· Have you watched a good TV show or miniseries; recommend a movie?
· Best place for takeout
· Sharing a glass of wine with your neighbors, staying at least 6 feet apart

Executive Board VOTE

It is the tradition that the LWRWC Slate of Officers for the next year is presented and voted upon at the November General Meeting. To that end, your Board had several discussions regarding the possibility of the 2020 Officers remaining intact for 2021. All have agreed to do so.

Because attendance at the November 12th zoom meeting was not sufficient to get a 20% quorum vote, we are requesting your vote via email.

The following are the Executive Board Members that require a simple majority vote of the quorum of members:

Co-Presidents: Cheryl Breining/Helene Levin
Vice President: Carol Belmont
Treasurer: Kathleen Cleveland
Recording Secretary: Janet Dobbs
Corresponding Secretary: Ann Sledz

Events Committee

A NEW EVENTS COMMITTEE has been created for the Women’s Club!
Our newest committee will……….
· Take a look and evaluate past events
· Suggest changes and ways events can be improved
· Suggest new events
· Investigate possible venues
· Recruit chairs and co-chairs for all events
· Advise and aid chair and co-chair events when needed

If you are interested in joining the committee, please let us know.

Cheryl & Helene