Laughter 2/13/2020

 Fun, Friendship and Laughter

On Thursday, February 13, 2020, the Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club enjoyed a high energy, fun, and hilarious interactive “Improv session” with two Improv Artists and Instructors from the Florida Studio Theatre (FST) at their General Meeting at the LWR Townhall.

L-R: Monique Govostes, Regina Napoli, Amanda Hargon & Elise Rodriguez (Guest Speakers from FST), Cheryl Breining & Sharon Wright.

Elise Rodriguez and Amanda Hargon, performers and teaching artists with the Florida Studio Theatre, had all the members and guest in attendance, on their feet and in the moment playing interactive “improv” games and celebrating one another.

The first game required each lady to choose an alliterative adjective to describe her first name and a gesture or body movement to illustrate the adjective that everyone mimicked.

The second game involved learning to pass a Wizz, and/or Woosh, Bang it back or Pow it forward (easier said then done).

This was followed by an exciting LWRWC Rock, Paper, Scissors contest were winners of each round played each other while the “losers” cheered them on. Everyone was delighted when MaryLee Danahy was declared the LWRWC Reigning Champion.

The Improv antics culminated with a very amusing Doctor Know-It-All skit, in which seven volunteers became a single “brain” and answered deep questions with one-word answers, producing ridiculous and sometimes salacious phrases that all culminated in the word period!

Laughter is the best medicine and the guest speakers delivered a healthy dose mixed with a generous dollop of fun.




Florida Studio Theatre is Sarasota’s contemporary theatre, located in the heart of downtown. It has been in operation in Sarasota since 1973.

The FST campus is a village of theatres that are small in size and large in impact – providing an intimate and engaging setting for high-quality, professional performances.

Hip and historical, entertaining and challenging, where everyone is welcome to come and engage in the art of theatre. FST has grown into a theatre with a budget of over $8 million and over 36,000 subscribers a year, the third largest subscription theatre in the nation.

FST has modeled itself on the strength of creating the best in contemporary theatre at an affordable price.