HOPE Visit 2/5/2020

Members Visit HOPE Family Services

LWRWC members visited HOPE Family Services on Wednesday, Feb.5, 2020. HOPE is celebrating their 40th anniversary of providing critical lifesaving and life changing services to victims of domestic violence. The informative tour was conducted by Laurel Lynch, HOPE’s Executive Director, and Kayla Terrell, Development Manager at Hope Family Services.

During the tour the ladies learned that HOPE is located on two acres and has 35 shelter beds. The average stay is 28 days, but some women and children stay for 6-8 weeks. HOPE has a paid staff of thirty-nine employees, including three advocates and two attorneys on staff.

One of the highlights of the tour was seeing “The Book Nook” Children’s Library at HOPE.
LWRWC donated the bookshelves and well over 1100 children’s books (over 350 in 2018 and over 825 in 2019) to bring the joy of reading to children and their mothers at the HOPE Shelter.

LWRWC in HOPE” Children’s Library “The Book Nook” during a site visit to HOPE Family Services on 2/5/2020. Pictured L-R  Rear Anne Parker  Kathy Magnini, Cyndy Scott, Elaine Steinfurth, Cathy Scholz, Erika Wheatley, and Jane Hussar Pictured L-R  in Front: Janet Stickle, Karen Rogers, Eileen Buzzard

Laurel and Kayla expressed their appreciation for the support from LWRWC to fund HOPE’s critical needs. Items donated to HOPE Family Services by the Lakewood Ranch Women’ Club include:
⦁ Sails on the children’s playground to provide needed shade.
⦁ The Book Nook and all the wonderful books!
⦁ Birthday & Celebration Party Bags for children and for women at HOPE with a milestone achievement, such as earning a GED!
⦁ Strollers and Car seats
⦁ Washers, Dryers and Freezers
⦁ Big screen television
⦁ Patio furniture
⦁ Living room furniture
⦁ Computer for residents at shelter
⦁ Match for van – HOPE was able to purchase the vehicle with  a matching donation from LWRWC
⦁ Awnings on the building