Dali Museum 1/25/2019

LWRWC Shares Surrealistic Experience

Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club members enjoyed an up close and personal look into the world of Dali & Magritte at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg on Friday, January 25 , 2019. The museum houses the most exceptional collection of Salvador Dali’s work outside of Spain. The collection captures Dali’s entire range of surrealistic styles with 96 pieces of artwork that include sketches, paintings, and sculpture.

The docent guided tour of Dali’s work brought the paintings to life and divulged fascinating information about the secrets in each painting and interesting insights into the artist’s life. Throughout the tour, the docent highlighted several of Dali’s key works including the amazing portrait of “Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea” that at twenty meters becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

After exploring the Dali gallery, some members chose to experience the museum’s phenomenal award-winning “Dreams of Dali” virtual reality experience. This immersive experience transports one into Salvador Dali’s surrealist painting of Millet’s “Angelus” through virtual reality technology. Imagine “walking” through a Dali painting and watching phantasmagorical creatures and weird surrealistic images come to life before your eyes as you explore worlds within worlds and are totally immersed in a surrealistic landscape.

Next, they headed to the Magritte & Dali exhibit, that was enhanced by an audio tour. Magritte & Dali is a first-of-its-kind special exhibition dedicated to the world’s two most celebrated surrealists, Rene Magritte, a quintessential figure in the surrealist movement, and the incomparable Salvador Dali. The unique exhibit features over 30 exemplary works, in addition to a delightful interactive “cloud room” where members had fun photographing images themselves projected into actual paintings filled with surrealist icons & symbols.

After enjoying a morning filled with fun and fabulous art, the ladies culminated their wonderful adventure with a delicious lunch at the lovely waterfront Parkshore Grill in picturesque St Petersburg. LWRWC Program Co-Chairs Cathy Reinitz and Claudia Dombrow coordinated this outing as one event in the “off-the-ranch” series.