CGF Fundraiser Luncheon

A dedicated contingency from Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club (LWRWC) attended the Children’s Guardian Fund (CGF) Luncheon Fundraiser held at Michaels on East in Sarasota on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021.

: Seated L-R: Ann Sledz, Carol Belmont, and Linda McMillan Standing L-R: Kathleen Cleveland, Sharon Wright, Dyan Dallis, and Monika Templeman

LWRWC is proud to show support for this charity that provides funding for the immediate and ongoing needs of children removed from abusive or neglectful homes in Florida’s 12th Judicial Circuit. Carol Belmont, LWRWC 2021 Vice President and President elect for 2022, was a Gold Sponsor and hosted a LWRWC Table. Kathleen Cleveland, LWRWC Treasurer, was a Bronze Sponsor for the event.

CGF Executive Director, Svetlana Ivashchenko, did a masterful job describing the crucial role CGF plays in enriching the lives of children to preserve a sense of normalcy during a tumultuous time in these children’s lives.

Two inspiring videos illustrated how the support received from CGF makes such a difference. The first video featured the story of a heroic 25-year-old young man who made the courageous decision to adopt his five nieces and nephews (ages 2-10) after his sister and one of her children were killed in a car crash and there were no other relatives who could provide the kids with a loving home. With the help of CGF, he did an amazing job raising the children who called him their “Duncle.” The youngest child is now in high school and all of them are completing their education and on the path to successful careers.

The second video featured two very loving, self-sacrificing grandparents who are raising four grandchildren and have recently adopted a 5th grandbaby shortly after she was born. With the help of CGF, they are able to provide a secure and happy home for the children and CFC even provides tutoring to help two of the kids who are academically challenged.
CGF serves over 1,200 children annually and provides beds, cribs, summer camp and activities, academic tutoring, birthday and holiday gifts, clothing, and other essentials to enable normalcy and enrichment in the lives of children in foster and state care.  Through their partnership with the Guardian ad Litem Program and the Program’s active case volunteers, CGF can meet the ever-evolving needs of individual children.