Backpack Challenge 8/5/2020

Backpack Challenge Raises $3000

From mid-July through Aug. 5, 2020, LWRWC held a successful, safe, Backpack Challenge for HOPE Family Services to provide children at the domestic violence shelter with backpacks stuffed with all needed school supplies. Donors could drop-off filled backpacks at designated homes and were also given the option of sending monetary contributions.

The donations were delivered to the shelter by Philanthropy Co-Chair Trish Newman and LWRWC Co-Presidents Helene Levin and Cheryl Breining. Stacy McKee, Development Director at Hope, who is in charge of the logistics, accepted the check and backpack donations on behalf of HOPE Family Services!

There are currently 24 children at the shelter and they will attend their classes virtually at HOPE due to the pandemic. Their backpacks will serve as virtual desks. With a donation of 35 backpacks, the shelter has plenty in reserve for kids coming to HOPE over the next few months. The LWRWC donation will also fund critically needed food and cleaning supplies to ensure a healthy and safe environment.