Delegation Delivers 20 Blankets

A small delegation from the LWRWC Blankets 4 Babies (B4B) Committee visited Solve Maternity Homes to deliver 20 handmade baby blankets as gifts to the new moms on Friday, May 21, 2021. Solve has been assisting pregnant women in need and their babies for over 45 years and recently established a new EVOLVE Program for new mothers in need who are pursuing higher education.

Pictured left to right: Diane Laybourn, Pam Szabo, Maria Houston (Solve), Amanda Erickson (Solve), Linda Stone, Ann Sledz with the 20 handmade blankets that the LWRWC Blankets 4 Babies Committee donated to Solve Maternity Homes.

The dedicated ladies of the Blankets 4 Babies have been meeting monthly for almost 4 years. To date, this amazing committee has donated approximately 400 handmade baby blankets and quilts to three of our LWRWC adopted charities (Solve Maternity Homes, HOPE Family Services, and the Children’s Guardian Fund).