Saving Lives through CPR

The LWRWC “Valentine’s Meeting” on February 8 featured Barri Zehner, a registered nurse and certified CPR instructor with the American Heart Association.

L-R Barri Zehner certified CPR instructor with the American Heart Association, Carol Belmont LWRWC Program Chair, Linda Stone LWRWC President

Barri provided members with life-saving information about how to perform CPR to increase the likelihood of a loved one or a stranger surviving cardiac arrest.

Barri shared the importance of being able to administer basic CPR to increase a person’s chance of survival while waiting for emergency services to arrive. Keeping the blood flowing greatly increases the odds of a successful resuscitation.

Barri encouraged everyone to become trained in CPR and provided instructions for how on what to do in an emergency to save a life. Calling 911 is critical to ensure that needed help is on the way, while you take lifesaving action, and focus on survival.

Barri explained that effective CPR is done on a firm, flat surface. Those trained in CPR will learn to continue giving sets of 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths until emergency services arrive and take over. For hands-only CPR, administer a deep compression at a rate of 100 a minute until the ambulance arrives. LWRWC Program Chair, Carol Belmont coordinated this very important, life-saving presentation.

A sign-up sheet was left for those who are interested in taking a CPR course with Barri. The LWRWC is forming a group for members only.The cost to members will be $50. No date has been set as yet. The date and time will depend on the number of members responding.

Contact Helene Levin, with the following information by March 15:

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