Scholarship Winner 2017

Spotlight on LWRWC Second Annual Community Service Scholarship Winner, Tori Boudreau

The Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club is delighted to feature our second Annual LWRWC Community Service Scholarship Winner, Victoria Boudreau, in an up close and personal “Spotlight Interview.” Tori, a Lakewood Ranch High School senior who lives in Lakewood Ranch, was selected as our second annual scholarship recipient.

The LWRWC Scholarship Selection Committee was extremely impressed with her dedication to community service, exemplary character, and outstanding achievements. Tori has performed over 400 hours of community service to organizations, mostly in leadership roles! She also has a weighted GPA of 4.54. Included in her Community Service Scholarship application package, were glowing recommendation that Tori received from educators, coaches and employers.

The Women’s Club is proud to recognize and reward young women like Tori who represent “the hope for the future”. That said, Tori’s accomplishments and extraordinary dedication to community service are best illustrated in her own words in the following interview

Question: Tori, what inspired your passion for community service?
Tori’s Answer: After I entered High School and began to become involved in various clubs I was given the opportunity to volunteer at different organizations in the community. I was able to see that my actions had a direct impact on those I helped. I realized the personal growth and reward I received from helping others was irreplaceable and with each event my heart grew.

Question: Out of all the organizations you volunteer for, what was your most rewarding community service activity?
Tori’s Answer: My most rewarding volunteer activity was helping, and then eventually working, at Pinnacle Academy and working directly with children who have autism and other various learning disabilities. I was opened up to a different kind of teaching and with each day I build a stronger relationship with the individual students. This experience has given me a new appreciation for learning and the friendships I have made with those at Pinnacle will continue to inspire me in the future.

Question: What specific “life skills” did you learn from your community service work with Pinnacle Academy?
Tori’s Answer: Through my experiences at Pinnacle Academy I learned to adapt and be flexible because each child needs something different from me. I get to play many roles with each of them, whether it’s a teacher, a playmate, or a friend to talk to. I have also been given an opportunity to work on how I communicate with people, to be patient with the younger children and respectful and understanding with each of them. The most important skill I have obtained is critical thinking. I have to be creative as I tailor my approach to each child and their individual challenges. I have to find new ways to help them with their homework, come up with a new game at recess or a new technique to help the children calm down when they become anxious or excited.

Question: Has there been a teacher, coach or employer who made a significant impact in your way of thinking or given you a skill that you will take with you forever?
Tori’s Answer: One of the most influential teachers I have had is my middle school Student Government teacher, Mr. Walker. Overall middle school is a huge growing period and he definitely gave me the chance to be a leader with in my school. He showed me that confidence is an importance quality to have because it can drive you to accomplish your goals. He overall showed me that I was capable of being a leader and taught me what a dedicated, compassionate, and empathetic person was.

Question: In addition to your dedication to community service, what are your other favorite extracurricular activities?
Tori’s Answer: My favorite extracurricular activity has been being President of Student Government. This position with-in my school has introduced me to many close friends, taught me how to work in a large team, and showed me the importance of communication. My favorite memories from high school are through this organization and it has definitely been the highlight of my senior year.

Question: As a high school student, you have received many impressive awards and honors. Which awards are you the most proud of receiving?
Tori’s Answer: I am most proud of being inducted into the National Honor Society because this gave me another opportunity to be a leader and help my school and community. It is an honor to be recognized as one of the top students at Lakewood Ranch and I am grateful to have been a part of the chapter.

Question: What are your immediate plans after you graduate from LWR High School?
Tori’s Answer: I plan on attending Florida State University in the fall to further my education. My current plan is to Major in Criminology and Law with a minor in communications. I still plan on volunteering on campus and hope to join many non-profit clubs.

Question: Do you have any specific plans for this Summer before you head off to college?
Tori’s Answer: My plans for this summer, besides preparing to move to Tallahassee, will be spending time with my friends and family. I plan to continue to work at Pinnacle as well as babysit on the weekends. Overall I want to enjoy the rest of my time at my home and cherish the moments I have left.