Mother’s Day Gift

Early Mother’s Day Gift for New Moms at SOLVE

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, a delegation of women from the Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club (LWRWC) delivered approximately 1000 toiletries for new moms at the SOLVE Maternity Homes. The ladies representing LWRWC included Philanthropy Chair, Laurie Coleman, Vice President, Kathleen Cleveland, Corresponding Secretary, MaryLee Danahy, Scholarship Co-Chair, Denise Reibe, and LWRWC members Kathy Wingfield, Gail DeLeeuws, Mary Lou Bollin, Miriam Echevarria, Cathy Scholz, Rosemary Haugh, Carol Klein and Nancy Chapin.

For most of the LWRWC members, this was their first visit to SOLVE (one of the club’s three LWRWC longstanding adopted charities, along with SMART and HOPE). During their visit, the ladies met some of the remarkable staff, volunteers, and expectant and new moms and were very impressed with the wonderful work being done by SOLVE’s Executive Director, Peggy Kerwin, and her dedicated staff.

The visit included a tour of the well-designed, innovative Bradenton Maternity Home. The tour afforded the LWRWC members an opportunity to learn more about SOLVE and they enjoyed seeing the living room that the Women’s Club is helping to refurbish.

During the tour, the ladies witnessed firsthand the excellent structured program (offered free of charge) and the nurturing “family” environment that is so conducive to relationship building and personal growth.

SOLVE offers mentorship and community for pregnant women of all ages in need and has been doing so for over 40 years! Since 1976, SOLVE has assisted over 1500 at-risk pregnant women of all ages and their babies by providing free housing, education, counseling, health care resources, childbirth and parenting classes, adoption assistance, and spiritual support for the duration of pregnancy and pre-determined time post birth.

SOLVE currently operates two maternity homes in Bradenton, one in Englewood, and another home in Sarasota, Florida. Peggy expressed appreciation to the LWR Women’s Club for their loving gesture and for the many years of support to SOLVE.