Eye of the Storm

SOLVE Fund Raising Gala: “In the Eye of the Storm”

In a strong show of support, the LWRWC hosted two tables at the SOLVE Fundraising Gala “In the Eye of the Storm” at the Hyatt Regency in Sarasota on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018.

Eileen Buzzard and her husband Jim and Monika Templeman served as table hosts at this lovely and moving event. The LWRWC contingency included Helen and Bob Low, Helene and Neil Levin, Cheryl and Warren Breining, Ann and Hank Sledz, Diane and Jack Wagner, Joanie Lawrence and Hal Cohen, Claudia and Larry Dombrow, and Cathy and Josh Reinitz.

During the evening, speakers highlighted how SOLVE literally (during hurricane Irma) and figuratively (every day) has been the calm in the storm for pregnant woman in need and their precious babies for over 40 years. SOLVE Maternity Homes offers an oasis for pregnant woman in need by providing safe housing, a structured program customized for each woman, and the tools needed to be successful in life. Over 1500 women and their unborn babies have been saved with the invaluable help of SOLVE Maternity Homes.

At this year’s SOLVE Gala, each table was joined by a mother whose life was transformed because of the help she received from SOLVE.  Beth, a lovely young mother helped by SOLVE, and her charming husband, Keith, were the honored guests at the WC table.

Beth credits SOLVE for her happy life with her beautiful four-year-old son and new husband. Today she is happily married and is studying for a career in management.