November 2012

Election of Officers

The LWRWC monthly business meeting was held at the Northern Trust Bank Community Room, President Frankie Bailey presided. LWRWC_BusMtg_FBThe main order of business was the election of 2013 officers.

The Nomination Chair, Mary Beth Steffens, announced the slate of new officers:  Trish Newman for Vice President and Jan Hasler for Treasurer.   Diane Emmerman will remain Corresponding Secretary for another year.  Mary Beth Steffens, current Vice President will assume the office of President.  [The committee announced the nomination of Patti Wrobel  for Recording Secretary at a later time.]

Due to the lack of a quorum, no vote took place but a planned email vote was announced to take place as  soon as possible.



Diane Shaw introduced Dennis Cathcart of Tropifloral Nurseries.  Tropiflora was established in 1976.  It is one of the largest collector-oriented exotic plant nurseries in the United States and maintains the largest variety of bromeliads in the country.

Dennis has lectured throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Brazil and several other countries.    Dennis and his partner, Linda was recently an exhibitor at the first Singapore Garden Festival for which they won a silver medal for their bromeliad exhibit among the 16 countries exhibiting.LWRWC_Tropiflora2

The many exotic and beautiful plants that Mr. Cathhart brought were for sale and were purchased by the members.