February 2013

LWR Women’s Club Adopts Charities

The LWR Women’s Club gathered at the LWR Town Hall on Wednesday evening, February 13, 2013 for their monthly business meeting.

Mary Beth Steffens, LWRWC President

Mary Beth Steffens, LWRWC President

After a short “Meet and Greet” social with coffee and chocolate strawberries, President, Mary Beth Steffens called the meeting to order and led a discussion on which charities to adopt in the coming year.

Presentations by Patti Wrobel [Hope Family Services], Kathy Charlton [SOLVE] and Trish Newman [SMART] persuaded the members of how these organizations benefit women and children of the Manatee County area. The club voted in the affirmative to support these three groups.

Following the business meeting, the members of the Women’s Club were treated to a delightful program: “Playing With Scarves” presented by Anne Touraine who shared her 50 Scarf Styling Secrets.

Anne Touraine with Diane Shaw, Program Chair

Anne Touraine with Diane Shaw, Program Chair

Anne Touraine was born and grew up in Paris, France. After many years working for luxury companies such as Christian Dior and L’Oreal she moved to the USA with her family in 2008. Anne’s friends – whether French or American – call her “The Scarf Lady”.

Anne’s addiction to scarves started at the age of eighteen after her Mom offered her a Hermès scarf that would soon become the first of a large collection. Since that time, she has been wearing a scarf almost every day. As a former Parisian, she knows this magical little piece of fabric is enough to zest up any outfit and to brighten up any day.

Anne gathered all her scarf tips and advice in a book – available on CD, PLAYING WITH SCARVES – a French woman shares her 50 Scarf Styling Secrets.

The meeting concluded with a “Split the Pot” drawing won by Colette Knox.