Annual Meeting 2012

LWRWC Annual Business Meeting and Birthday Party

LWR Women’s Club is 15 Years Old

The LWRWC held its Annual Business meeting Thursday evening, Jan 12, 2012 at the Northern Trust Bank Community Room. Following the traditional “meet and greet” social, the meeting was called to order by president, Frankie Bailey.


Linda Johnson gave the treasurer’s report and stated that the three major fund raising events in 2011 (Fashion Show, Fall Bazaar and Holiday Dinner and Charity Auction) and several smaller events brought in a profit that will allow $28,000 to be dispersed to the four charities that the WC supports..

Presentation of Donations to the Charities

Checks of $7,000 each were presented to the charity representatives:Velinga

  •  SMART – Nick Drizos revealed that SMART has been involved with the LWR Women’s Club for 15 years.
  • Solve Maternity Homes – Donna Vellenga  attended with the newest member of the Solve family, a baby boy, Bryson, born on Friday, January 6th.
  • Hope Family Services – Laurel Lynch  spoke of the visit by Mary Beth Steffens, LWRWC  vice-president.
  • Meals on Wheels Plus – Kristen Theisen  thanked the WC as meals are needed for shut-ins.

Homage to the Past Presidents

Following the charity presentations, a program  to celebrate the Women’s Club’s 15th Anniversary commenced with a “homage to the past presidents.”  The presidents were announced and were given bouquets of flowers.  Present to accept were:  Mary Button (5th), Sandy Simmons (7th and 10th), Lyn Griffiths (8th), Pat Eilender (12th), Wilma Nourie (14th) and Frankie Bailey (16th).

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Frankie Bailey made remarks about each president’s influence on the Club.

  • 1997-1999   LWR Women’s Club was founded and started with as little as 20-30 members.  Elizabeth Norton was the 1st president in 1997,   Karen Michener was the 2nd president in 1998 and Jane Drake was the 3rd president in 1999.  Elizabeth, Karen and Jane no longer reside in LWR.
  • 2000 – JoAnn Dain was the 4th president in 2000.  JoAnn was involved in several of the LWR institutions, including the building of our Town Hall.
  • 2001 – Mary Button was the 5th president.  Frankie Bailey dubbed Mary the ‘founding Mother’.  There were no clubs in LWR, so Women’s Club provided all the activities.  Mary was responsible for starting book club, Mahjongg, and bunco.
  • Charlene Betourney was the 6th president.   Charlene described a lost scrapbook.  During Charlene’s reign and beyond, the board had a ‘historian’ to keep up this scrapbook.  The present board is trying to locate it;  meanwhile,  Charlene’s memory keeps the club’s history.
  • 2003 – Sandy Simmons – See year ‘2006’
  • 2004 – Lyn Griffiths was the 8th president.  She was very active in the LWR CAC and chaired the CAC holiday dinner dance for years.
  • 2005 – Jamie Grollman was the 9th president.  Jamie is no longer residing in LWR.  Women’s Club fell in hard times during this time period and the club waned.
  • 2006 – Sandy Simmons was the 7th AND the 10th president.  Sandy was president for two separate terms.   Sandy and the club members did a calendar in 2006 with the help of art students at Ringling School of Art.   The artwork was of scenes the students painted around the ranch.  They sold the calendar and note cards among the members.  The students brought their artwork to the country club and sold their pieces of art.
  • 2007 – Judy Heck was the 11th president.  Judy was the first president to hold the fall bazaar.  She had the Sarasota Symphony Orchestra entertain at the bazaar and also at the fashion show.
  • 2008 – Pat Eilender was the 12th president.  Pat brought elegance and sophistication to the women’s club.  She is “the ideal girl” from your student days – calm, competent, tall, dark, and handsome.  The club prospered under her steady guidance.
  • 2009 – Marion Wolfe was the 13th president.  Marion brought fun to the club.  Her motto was ‘girls just like to have fun’!  Marion also started the Ways and Means committee and Publicity committee; both were added to the By-Laws.  From 1997 to 2009, LWR Women’s Club went from 30 members to 190
  • 2010 – Wilma Nourie was 14th president; Wilma was the last vice-president charged with chairing ALL the functions, and she is still running things!  She remained the as president post advisor in 2011 due to the previous  president’s departure and is the current advisor today.
  •  2011 – Jean Gustafson was 15th president.   Jean left office early for personal reasons.  She chaired the fashion show for two years and bought the vases for the club that the club still uses today.  Jean wanted the club to become more social and initiated the monthly breakfasts and lunches.
  • 2012 – Frankie Bailey is presently our 16th president.   Frankie has created the email newsletter and built the LWRWC website for better and more modern methods of communication with the membership.  At present, the club has 196 members.

2012 Program Presentation

Mary Beth Steffens gave the WC  a detailed preview of the year’s coming programs, speakers, topics, trips, and special events which included the traditional fundraisers as well as many exciting new activities including a road trip to Gasparilla Island by bus and a private “Antiques Roadshow”.

Concluding the meeting, Jean Muccini, publicity chair,  gave the members an overview of the plans put in place to improve WC communications with its members [ flyers, email blasts, email newsletters and  website] and  the “outside world” [newspapers, publications and website.]