Meeting Highlights 2012-2017

Meeting Highlights

The LWRWC meets at 7:00 PM on the second Thursday of selected months at the Lakewood Ranch Town Hall.  A “meet and greet”  social is followed by a short business meeting and a program of interest to today’s women. Guests are welcome.

Meeting months are Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, and Nov. The first meeting of the year in January is the “Annual Business Meeting” – dues are “due” and presentations to the WC adopted charities take place.

There are times when members must miss a meeting, but they can keep informed by reviewing the minutes provided by the WC recording secretary or viewing the meeting highlights, both right here online.

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Speaker: Jeff LaHurd
Annual Business Meeting
February 9, 2017
Speaker: Director
Players Theatre
March 9, 2017
Speaker: Meredith Scerba
Rowing Championships
April 13, 2017
Speaker: Nancy Cottrell
SEGD Guide Dogs
May 11, 2017
Speaker:Ariel Serrano CEO
Cuban Ballet School
October 2, 2017
Speaker: Carmen Spagnola
Former FBI agent

November 9, 2017
Speaker: Charlene Pillot
Selah Freedom


January 14, 2016
Speaker: Charity Recipients
Annual Business Meeting

February 11,  2016
Speaker: Past Presidents
LWRWC History

March 10,  2016
Speaker: Sheron Benkerk
Wardrobe Therapy

April 14,  2016
Speaker: Pam Valez
Demystifying Food Labels
October 13,  2016
Speaker: Chuck Sidlow
Circus Outreach
November 10, 2016
Speaker: L Colonel Carol Barkalow
Life in the Army


January 8, 2015
Speaker: Annual Business Meeting
Charity Presentation

February 12, 2015
Speaker: Pam Valez
Beat Sugar Blues

March 12, 2015
Speaker: Vickie Bartz
Hospice Care

April 19, 2015
Speaker: Kate Holmes
Bertha Palmer Historyt
October 8, 2015
Speaker: Carolan Corey
Out of THis World
November 12, 2015
Speaker: Linda Carson
ABC 7-TV Host


January 9, 2014
Speaker: Rex Jenson, SMR
LWR Past, Present, Future

February 13, 2014
Speaker: Octavio Ortiz, UTC
Sneak preview and video
March 13, 2014
Speaker: Donna Katos
Pack 2 week carry-on
April 10, 2014
Speaker: Deputy Sheriff Alan Fifield
Protect against Identity theft
 October 9, 2014
Speaker: Florida Studio Theatre
Comedy Improv Troup
 November 13, 2014
Speaker: Dolly Jacobs
Circus Sarasota


January 10, 2013
Speaker: Paul Blackketter
UTC and Rowing Facility Plans

February 13, 2013
Speaker: Anne Touraine
50 Scarf Styles
March 14, 2013
Speaker: Eric Sheridan Wyatt
Lagacy Writing
April 11, 2013
Speaker: Georgia Court, Bookstore 1
Great Summer Reads
October 10, 2013
Speaker: Kim Cool
Ghosts of Sarasota
 November 14, 2013
Speaker: Jeff Rodgers
South Florida Museum


January 12, 2012
Speaker: Board Members
15 Year Birthday Party
November 8 , 2012
Speaker: Dennis Cathart, Tropiflora Nursery