Baby Blankets& FBI 10/12/2017

Blankets for Babies

Linda Stone, Anne Sledz, Pam Szabo, Diane Raybourn [chair], Barbara Segal

At the October 12th, General Meeting of the LWR Women’s Club, Diane Laybourn, Chairwomen of the “Blankets for Babies” project, presented an assortment of baby blankets that were made by Diane and her team. The blankets will be presented to Solve Maternity Home later this month. SOLVE is one of the charities sponsored by the LWR Women’s club.

Diane presented the idea for Blankets for Babies to the LWR Women’s club last May and the project was off and running. More than 50 volunteers have participated in the project to date.

“We wanted to give every newborn baby at Solve their own blanket to keep”, stated Diane.

“Volunteers of all skill levels are welcome to participate”, Diane reiterated. “Individuals who knit, crochet, sew or quilt are welcome. Volunteers who cut, pin, baste and hand sew are also welcome.”, she stressed. Work sessions are held monthly at the LWR Town Hall.

Call to order at 7:00 PM by President
Monika Templeman who welcomed members and guests and  thanked the Hospitality Chairs, Diane Kuna and Francis Havill  and  Program Chair, Trish Newman and the Program committee for coordinating the meeting’s Scary FBI stories for the pre-Halloween Program.

Trish Newman introduced the guest speaker, Carmen Spagnola, former FBI agent and owner of Cheers to Wine in LWR.

Carmen entered the FBI in the fall of 1978 as an accountant auditor and spent four and 1/2 years living in Northern Virginia.

He worked at DC headquarters at 10th St. and Pennsylvania Avenue in the famous J. Edgar Hoover building from 1978 to 1983 and attended the FBI Academy where he became a Special Agent.

When he graduated from the FBI Academy they moved to Fairfield, CT. Carmen worked at the FBI in Fairfield, CT and downtown Manhattan from 1983 to 2006 when he moved to LWR.

Carmen Spagnola

Carmen took the club through the history of the FBI from its beginning in the early 1900s to modern day. He pointed out that there were only 3 women in the bureau from 1922-1928 and that the first class to include women did not happen until 1972. Each decade brought new challenges to the FBI.

From 1900’s through the 1920’s it was dealing with Prohibition. In the 1930’s, bank robbers and gangsters had to be delt with. It was not until 1935 that FBI agents were authorized to even carry a weapon! After Pearl Harbor there was a need for counter intelligence and in the 1950’s, the Soviet Union became the number one concern.

The DEA was formed in the 1980’s as the war on drugs began. The 1980’s saw the need for fighting Domestic and International Terrorism and this continues today. Carmen also related some personal experiences including his interview with Patty Hurst and stakeouts on cold, winter nights!

At the conclusion of his talk, Carmen was presented with a special gift from the Women’s Club – A Tommy Bahama T Shirt with the saying: ”Who Wants More Wine?”