Wardrobe Therapy 3/10/2016

St Paddy’s Day Toast to Fashion

On Thursday, March 10, 2016, the LWRWC General Meeting was held at the glamorous Gold Eagle (Anheuser Busch) Distributing Facility in Sarasota which provided the perfect venue for a meeting focusing on style. The main event of the evening was an informative presentation by LWRWC member, Sheron Benkert, entitled “Wardrobe Therapy on a Dime.”

Sheron1Sheron, who capitalized on her sense of style to create her own business, Stylynn by Sheron, cleverly demonstrated how to: “shop in your own closet”, maximize your wardrobe, and determine your most flattering color choices and styles.

Sheron used articles of her own clothing to demonstrate how to look slimmer and taller with the right patterns designs and styles. She showed the club members how to use scarves, belts and accessories to revitalize dull outfits and stretch their wardrobes by creating new eye-popping favorites out of the lonely clothes at the back of the closet. In addition,

Sheron gave sage fashion tips for men and used some of her husband’s clothing to illustrate how certain color combinations are more flattering and can make men look taller and thinner!

monicaUsing Monika Templeman as a drape model, Sheron demonstrated how her blue eyes looked bluer and her coloring more vivid in shades of blue, turquoise, emerald green and purple. She also draped her in less flattering colors, illustrating how she resembled a “blonde banana” in shades of yellow and limed green.

Sheron also explained how to decide what to keep and what to donate. She suggested that if you don’t wear an outfit for over six months, and accessorizing it doesn’t make you love it, it would be a win-win to donate it for someone else to enjoy.

With her flair for fashion, Sheron recently stepped to the plate as the LWRWC 2016 Fashion Show Chair for the LWRWC Fashion Show Fundraiser Luncheon “A Passion for Fashion’ on Nov. 2, 2016 at Michaels on East with fashions by Patchington.

The evening began with a photo video, created by WC Program Chair, Phyllis Fox, that Monika Templeman presented on her behalf. The video, set to music,  used the best photos taken throughout the year at the WC’s various events by Carolyn Shumate and Monika Templeman.

crowdLWRWC President, Shirley Taradash, conducted the business meeting which included a Philanthropy Report by Nancy Wozniak, complete with story boards. Nancy also thanked the membership for their generous in-kind “White Linens” donations for SOLVE Maternity Homes that offers housing, mentorship and community for pregnant women of all ages.

charityLWRWC members brought a plethora of bags filled with a variety of white bed and bath items, including twin sheet sets, towels sets, blankets, mattress pads, pillows, and more.

Members also brought bags of gently used clothing for the woman and children at HOPE Family Services, with an emphasis on casual career clothing for woman reentering the work force to start a new life. This ongoing clothing drive for HOPE, spearheaded by MaryLee Danahy, is off to a terrific start and has been nicknamed “Labor of Love”!

hospitalityShirley concluded the meeting with a special thank you to the Hospitality Committee for the St. Patrick’s Day treats and decorations. The Hospitality chairs, Kathy Miller and Diane Kuna, created a magical St. Patrick’s Day setting that featured a wide array of gorgeous green and white delectable goodies. LWRWC wishes you fun friendship and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!