De-Mystifying Food Labels 4/14/2016

De-Mystifying Food Labels

Pam Velez, holistic health coach was the keynote speaker at the LWRWC’s General Meeting held on Thursday, April 14, 2016.

Speaker, Pam Velez, holistic health coach, discussing “De-Mystifying Food Labels

Speaker, Pam Velez, holistic health coach, discussing food labels

Pam gave a very informative presentation entitled “De-Mystifying Food Labels”. During the presentation, the attendees broke up into small groups to compare different products and a team leader gave the findings from each group to the membership. This breakout exercise proved to be both fun and enlightening. Pam provided many helpful tips for a more healthy lifestyle, including the following invaluable five tips for evaluating and deciphering confusing food labels.

  1. Don’t buy based on the “picturesque” front of the box.
  2. Look at how many ingredients are in the product. The less the better.
  3. Can you “pronounce” the ingredients listed on the package? If not…beware.
  4. Avoid foods with ingredients that end in “ose.” This means sugar!
  5. Can you easily make it at home with real & fresh ingredients? Then do that instead


The meeting began with Nancy Woziak, Philanthropy Chair, who awarded the first annual LWRWC Community Service $1,000 Scholarship to Jessica Zelitt, an extraordinary LWR High School senior who will graduate in June. Jessica lives in Summerfield and was admitted to the USF’s provost program to major in physics. Jessica, along with her parents and grandmother, were present to accept the award.

Nancy gave an overview of Jessica’s accomplishments. See the ==>> Spotlight Interview with Jessica for a more extensive and personal look at the first LWRWC Community Service Scholarship recipient.

Highlights of the business meeting included a report by Philanthropy Committee Chair, Nancy Woziak, who reminded members of the ongoing clothing drive for HOPE Family Services spearheaded by MaryLee Danahy, and thanked members for the 16 bags of assorted sizes of clothing for “the Labor of Love” HOPE Clothing Drive.

Phyllis Fox, Program Committee Chair, gave a report on the upcoming events and planned activities. She noted that 36 members are scheduled to attend the April 20th Big Cat Habitat outing and members should sign-up early for the June 8th Historical Sarasota Trolley Tour because space will be limited. She also informed attendees that the June monthly lunch will also be held on June 8th at 11:30 at MacAllisters in Lakewood Ranch. Tour trolley will pick up at Town Hall for two-hour tour beginning at 1:30. Look for upcoming blasts. In September the club will have a Couples evening at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre (date TBD).