Hospice Care 3/12/15

Understanding Hospice Care

LWRWC Monthly Meeting
WHEN:Thursday, March 12, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
WHERE:Lakewood Ranch Town Hall

LWRWC President Patti Wrobel, left, with Vicki Bartz Community Relations Representative from  Tidewell Hospice

LWRWC President Patti Wrobel, left, with Vicki Bartz Community Relations Representative from Tidewell Hospice

The featured speaker at the LWRWC March meeting was Vicki Bartz, Community Relations Representative for Tidewell Hospice. Vicki touched her audience with an informative and surprisingly uplifting presentation that dispelled common myths about hospice care.

She explained that hospice care actually gives most patients the gift of time because the average hospice patient lives an additional 29 days, nearly an extra month to put affairs in order and make precious memories with loved ones! She also explained that contrary to the popular belief that hospice care is very expensive; the cost for most patients is covered by Medicare.

Vicki explained that the wide array of Tidewell programs and services, including grief counseling, are available to all who need them regardless of ability to pay. Another misconception is that hospice is a place. In reality, most hospice care actually takes place in the comfort of a person’s home.

Vicki told touching stories that illustrated how Tidewell made a meaningful difference for many patients and their families. Particularly moving is the dignified pinning ceremony for veterans to thank them for their service and make them feel appreciated. The most compelling testimonials, however, came from our own club members who shared how the care provided by Tidewell brought comfort to their loved ones.

The business meeting included the following highlights:

  • Report by Patti, on  Baby Boomers Mysteries Authors Lunch.
  • VP Shirley Taradash reported on SMART’s open house and  visit with Norman, the Club’s adopted SMART horse.
  • Eileen Buzzard reported the Club oversold the spa robe sponsorships for SOLVE and HOPE which will be donated for Mother’s Day.
  • Philanthropy Committee Chair, Nancy Wozniak, provided an update on the 2015 fundraising goals.
  • Phyllis Fox, Program Committee Chair, reported that the March 23rd Port Manatee Tour/ Luncheon at Pier 22 Restaurant and Spring Training Baseball Game and Picnic on April 1st are completely sold out. Members who wish to carpool to Port Manatee must arrive at Town Hall by 8:30 AM sharp on March 23rd.
  • Monika Templeman reported that Publicity is planning to do a series of interviews with members of the board. Publicity is also seeking members are willing to share stories about their hands-on volunteer work at our adopted charities for a new who website feature called “Spotlight on LWRWC Volunteers.”
  • Fashion show co-chair (with Mary Jo Kline), Monika asked all members to mark their calendar for Oct. 28, 2015 at 11:30 AM to attend The LWRWC Fashion Show Fundraiser at Michaels on East: “Bewitching Glamor”  by Foxy Lady.