Ethan Allen 11/16/2015

Ethan Allen Teaches Holiday Décor

by Monika Templeman, LWRWC Publicity Chair
Monday, Nov. 16, 2015, approximately 50 members from the Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club enjoyed a fun-filled and artistic “night out” hosted by Ethan Allen at University Town Center. The Ethan Allen evening was co-chaired by our LWRWC 2015 President, Patti Wrobel and Program Chair, Phyllis Fox. Patti suggested this event based on her own experience using Ethan Allen Design Consultants to create her gorgeous and inviting home interior when she moved to Lakewood Ranch.


The evening began with a festive array of delectable treats, including a delicious assortment of veggies and dip, delicious finger sandwiches and sinfully good French Macaroons, graciously provided by our Ethan Allen hosts. The beautiful store, filled with timelessly elegant furniture and inspired décor, was the perfect venue for inspired demonstrations by talented Ethan Allen Design Consultants Pamela Sacher and E. Joseph Seek, JR. Through step-by-step demonstrations, the consultants showed the LWRWC ladies how to put together enchanting and personalized tabletop displays that enhance the spirit of the holidays and create a warm and memorable ambience to share with family and friends
To better accommodate the large crowd, the ladies were divided into two smaller groups. The two design consultants each conducted concurrent sessions where they shared their favorite holiday tabletop designs.

EthanAllen3During his demonstration, Joseph taught us the meaning of Anam Cara, which means “Soul Friend”, and in Celtic tradition, is a teacher, companion or spiritual guide. The Anam Cara is a loved one who awakens your life in order to free the wild possibilities within you. Joseph uses “Anam Cara” in decorating by incorporating beloved objects that have deep personal significance into his designs.

Pam ingenuously demonstrated how to incorporate sparkly ornaments and combined gold with silver and blue accents into existing tabletop displays to transform everyday décor into holiday enchantment. Pam reminded us that symmetry requires balance, but does not equate to mirror images and that including fun objects of sentimental value with art treasures is an excellent way to make your holiday displays, fun, unique and personal.

Then the ladies switched rooms so that everyone in attendance was able to participate in both demonstrations. The results were magical and all marveled at the transformations created with a few lovely and treasured objects of interest.

The evening culminated with a raffle drawing for a beautiful glass and vase with gold leaf design that was won by Barb Thornton. Everyone in attendance also left with a lovely gift from Ethan Allen who gave each lady a copy of their fabulous Ethan Allen MUSES design book. Fun, friendship and Holiday magic made for a wonderful prelude to the holidays. Wishing all of you and your families a very Happy and Health and Beautiful Holiday Season!