How to Use Calendar

All the LWRWC  important events,  general meetings,  board and committee meetings, informal luncheons and all manner of Women’s Club activities are listed on the calendar.

Use the up-down arrows at the top of the calendar page to choose the month and year  you want to view.  Click GO.  To move forward or back a month, click on “Next” or “Prev” located at the near top to the right and left.  Rest mouse on the square of the event to see details.

If an event has a flyer to respond or reserve, click on the calendar square to view or print the flyer.

Events are color-coded for various groups: members, board members, new members, committees, LWR Community, and general.



Calendar entries may not be complete for over two months in advance.  All scheduled events can be found on the LWRWC Program Booklet, available right here online.

To View, Save, or Print 2014 Program Booklet ==> CLICK HERE.