Meet Shirley Taradash

LWRWC Vice President, “Lady in Waiting” and Honorary Adopted Mother” of Norman (a SMART Horse)

LWRWC Publicity Co-chairs
The website series “Spotlight on the WC Board,” continues with a fascinating, up close and personal interview with the LWRWC Vice President [2015], Shirley Taradash. Shirley automatically becomes president in 2016.
Question: When you joined LWRWC, what were you hoping for and were your expectations fulfilled?
Shirley’s Answer: Our motto “fun, friendship and community service” is exactly what I was hoping for and my expectations were surpassed! From the moment I joined, LWRWC, has been a wonderful organization to be involved with for socializing, programs, fund raising events, and of course, our non-profit charities that we continue to fund.

Question: How long have you been a LWRWC member?
Shirley’s Answer: I have been a member for over 5 years.

Question: What do you like best about the Women’s Club?
Shirley’s Answer:
I have particularly enjoyed new friendships, working to support our adopted charities, and the many opportunities within the club.

Question: What major events did you chair? What accomplishment are you the most proud of?
Shirley’s Answer: My contribution on committees has been in all capacities through style shows, bazaars, and spring luncheons: modeling, setting up for events, soliciting, greeting, raffles, etc. Our commitment on philanthropy has been an important one for me and I have been proud of what we have accomplished. I served on the philanthropy committee the last several years and have seen how our efforts have paid off.

Question: We recently expanded our focus on philanthropy. In what ways do you see us growing in the next few years?
Shirley’s Answer: We are looking to expand into other avenues on the committee and are investigating possibilities for future projects to expand our philanthropic horizons.

Question: Have you had a chance to visit all three of our adopted charities?
Shirley’s Answer: Yes, I have been to all three charities and the experiences have been rewarding. To visit HOPE and see the residents, staff, and security is a testament to the necessity of this organization. The SOLVE home is warm and welcoming and the staff has such a strong commitment to helping the pregnant women in numerous ways, i.e.; schooling including advanced education, responsibilities in the home during their stay, jobs outside the home, training in caring for themselves and their babies. SMART is a tremendous facility with the riding therapy, wounded warriors program, and expansion of their horizons.

Question: Please tell us about your recent visit to
Smart and your visit with Norman, our adopted Smart horse
Shirley’s Answer: I just recently visited SMART at their yearly open house with my husband, Sherwin. It was such a great experience as we got the full tour of the entire facility. We saw all the horses and stalls and had a warm welcome from one of our club’s adopted “SMART” horses, Norman. He is such a sweet and funny pony. When Norman came to work at SMART he was reunited with his Mother after many years apart. Now days, he often calls out to her when they are not together. All the horses at SMART are all so gentle and loved by the hundreds of volunteers and the students at the facility.

Question: What would you like our members to know about you? .What are your hobbies and major areas of interest?
Shirley’s Answer: My hobbies are golfing, mahjong, traveling, reading, movies, the arts & music culture here. I was on the board of the Sarasota Orchestra Association for 6 years and when we lived in Minnesota I was on the board of the Minnesota Orchestra Association for 8 years. I have been on boards of the Realtors Association also.

Question: Why did you decide to run for Vice President and serve as the next Club President?
Shirley’s Answer: I have stepped up to Vice President and future President (i.e. lady in waiting) because I feel I can make a difference. I did so, however, with hope and some trepidation. I am still working full time as a realtor with my husband. That has been my profession for 40 years but it will in no way lessen my investment in the Women’s Club. I realize there are strong shoes to fill and I am shadowing many past chairs to prepare for my tenure as the next club President.