Meet Nancy Wozniak

The series “Spotlight on Your LWRWC Board,” continues with an up close and personal interview with our LWRWC Philanthropy Chair, Nancy Wozniak. Nancy and her committee are doing an outstanding job expanding our philanthropic footprint to better help our community address critical needs. These efforts help ensure that community service goes hand in hand with the fun and friendship in our constantly growing organization filled with intelligent, caring women who truly want to make a difference.


Question: Nancy, what were you hoping for when you joined LWRWC and were your expectations fulfilled?
Nancy’s Answer:
Since I had just moved from New York and didn’t know anyone in the area, I hoped to meet new friends and become more involved with the community in which I live. My hopes and expectations were fulfilled.

Question: How long have you been a member of the LWRWC?
Nancy’s Answer:
Just over 2 years. I joined the LWRWC at Club Day in November 2013 just a couple of weeks after moving into LWR.

Question: What do you like best about LWR and our LWR Women’s Club?
Nancy’s Answer:
I love that many people in LWR have moved here from outside of Florida and are very open to meeting new people and making new friendships. In addition, LWR has many clubs that you can join to meet many people with similar interests. By far, the best part of the LWRWC are the women I have met through my involvement in Club activities.

Question: Why did you decide to lead our Women’s Club philanthropic efforts?
Nancy’s Answer:
As a young girl, I was part of a family who was truly blessed with love and happiness, even though we were not rich in material things. I always saw my parents reach out and give of themselves to help others less fortunate then us; we were involved as a family and it became a natural part of who I am. I continued this spirit with my own family through the years. When I joined the LWRWC, the Philanthropy Committee seemed like the natural fit for me and when the Board position was created, I accepted the offer to lead and continue the Committee’s work with like-minded women.

Question: What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishments as LWRWC Philanthropy Chair?
Nancy’s Answer:
I am very proud of 2 items: 1) initiating the first annual LWRWC community service scholarship to be awarded in April 2016 to a LWRHS female senior who resides within our Community and 2) further developing the “in-kind” members’ contributions to our key charities. Since our members love to shop, it is a fun way to increase our support to our key charities by providing much needed “day-to-day” items; we contributed approximately $5,000 in additional value to them in 2015.

Question: Please tell us more about the new scholarship for a LWR high school girl that is being sponsored by Women’s Club in 2016?
Nancy’s Answer:
This is an exciting new opportunity to provide a direct contribution to our community by recognizing one of the outstanding young woman residents who has already demonstrated her commitment to helping others, especially in a leadership role. We believe that if a young lady has done this throughout her teenage years, it is very meaningful since many teens can be very self-centered. We believe that this young woman will most likely continue this dedication throughout her life.

We expect that our winner will be a well-rounded, intelligent student with values and compassion, a strong record of community service and who has accepted an offer to matriculate at a 2 or 4 year school of higher education. We hope you will be able meet this young lady at our April meeting!

Question: What was your most difficult challenge in 2015?
Nancy’s Answer:
My most difficult challenge in 2015 was finding enough time to do all the things I enjoy, handle key family priorities and follow-through on my commitments. There is never enough time in the day…too many wonderful things to do!

Question: Thanks to you and your Committee, we recently expanded our focus on philanthropy. In what ways do you see us growing in the next few years?
Nancy’s Answer:
I believe that the Philanthropy growth will come from members independent/group volunteer activities with various charitable organizations. For example: Would a small group of women want to do a one-off special project for an organization that speaks to their hearts? Will they be willing to commit to an ongoing weekly activity at an organization? Would just one member use a special talent to assist an organization – whether one time or ongoing? In 2016, we will be looking to identify some possible opportunities in response to numerous inquiries and expressions of interest from members.

Question: What legacy are you hoping for when you leave your current position on the LWRWC Board?
Nancy’s Answer:
The legacy that I hope to leave is the wish that each of my successors will continue to determine ways that we can make a positive difference in women and children’s lives while still maintaining the key value of fun and friendship of the LWRWC.

Question: What would you like our members to know about you and your family (including your favorite hobbies and areas of interest)?
Nancy’s Answer:
I grew up near Buffalo NY and moved to the metro New York City area due to career changes when my husband, Tom, and I married in 1980. We have terrific children, a son and daughter, and were thrilled to add another “son” to our family when our daughter married in September. Although we absolutely loved living outside of NYC in Connecticut and Briarcliff Manor, Tom and I agree that one of our best decisions was to retire to LWR in 2013. I enjoy reading, walking, the performing arts, history and golf (although I am terrible and lack the patience to learn!). I cannot wait to begin all of my dream travel that I never had time to do when working full-time. I absolutely love seeing new places and learning more about other cultures. I also enjoy volunteering as an Adult Literacy tutor, acting as the coordinator of the LWR Couples Gourmet Dinner Club and continuing my 30+ year role as a “Dance Mom” by helping my daughter with her dance studio up north.