Meet Janet Stickel

Meet Janet Stickel
LWRWC Recording Secretary & 2014 LWRWC Woman of the Year

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Janet Stickel, 2014 LWRWC Woman of the Year and current Recording Secretary, agreed to be the subject of the first interview in the “Meet the Board ” series. Janet is a role model for promoting “fun, friendship and community service” and her answers to the following questions illustrate why she is passionate about the Women’s Club.

Janet Stickel receiving the 2014 LWRWC Woman of the Year Award in recognition dedicated service as the Club’s Recording Secretary, Board member, event chair.

Janet Stickel receiving the 2014 LWRWC Woman of the Year Award in recognition dedicated service as the Club’s Recording Secretary, Board member, event chair.

Question: Please tell us how you felt when you received the 2014 LWRWC Woman of the Year Award at the Baby Boomer’s Author’s Lunch? Were you surprised?
Janet’s Answer: I was shocked, humbled and thrilled all at the same time.

Question: What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishment as a LWRWC Member in 2014?
Janet’s Answer: Besides being my first year as Recording Secretary, I co-chaired (with Jean Muccini) two of our charity fundraisers – our first Author’s Lunch and the Holiday Bazaar.   Both, I believe, were fun events for our members and guests.   They were successful money makers for our charities.

Question: What was your most difficult challenge in 2014?
Janet’s Answer: Call me Pollyanna, but I didn’t have a difficult challenge.   No question, chairing an event is time consuming, but good planning and good volunteers are the key.  We have a wonderful volunteer pool in our club.  The ladies who were on my committees were dedicated and hard working.  We had lots of fun too.   This is a key example of how fun, friendship and community service go hand in hand.

Question: How long have you been a member of the LWRWC?
Janet’s Answer: Almost a decade; I joined in about 2006.

Question: What were you hoping for when you joined the LWRWC and did the Club live up to your expectations?
Janet’s Answer: I was hoping to find new friends, new understanding of Lakewood Ranch and the surrounding area.  I wanted to get involved.  The Club lived up to these expectations in every way. The key factor was to get involved.

Question: What do you like best about our Club?
Janet’s Answer: The camaraderie among members.  Love the speakers and special tours and outings.

Question: Please tell us why you decided to become an Officer?
Janet’s Answer: Trish Newman (past president) asked me and I couldn’t say no.  In addition, I had been on the LWWC Board as a committee chair for many years, liked how it functioned, and was ready to step up to an officer position.

Question: What positions have you held to date? What major events did you chair?
Janet’s Answer: I worked on our Holiday Dinner raffles for several years.  I served as reservations chair for several events.  I then served as membership chair for two years just before Marylee Danahy took over.  There were only around 150 members then. Now we are over 340 members strong!

Question: We recently expanded our focus on philanthropy. In what ways do you see us growing in the next 5 years?
Janet’s Answer: It’s hard for me to say.  I love our three current adopted charities and I support their missions.  We have a long standing relationship with them – especially SMART. We supported four charities for several years but it diluted what we were able to give to them.  I love the new “in kind” drives and the “story boards.”  Our philanthropy committee is enthusiastic and I love to see their energy and professionalism.  Call me old school, but a main goal of the LWRWC is friendship. I believe we need a balance between fundraising and the camaraderie that our Club provides.